13 shares. Saved searches. WE ARE ELECTRONIC MUSIC This is the future of our industry. Global recorded music market grew 5.9% in 2016 to $15.7bn. Search query Search Twitter. From 2007, data split by physical and digital recorded music are available. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) have released the Global Music Report 2016, announcing that global music IFPI just released its annual Global Music Report and it always creates a lot of news, but little of it goes beyond the narrative forwarded by the report. IFPI 2014 data. IMS Business Report 2016 by KevinWatson.net ... IFPI, Billboard Global music industry growth is being fuelled by ... (Q1 2014-Q2 2016) 1 Music Now #1 genre on IFPIs Digital Music Report 2014 shows a fast-changing, ... iFPi Global Recording Artist Chart In 2014, IFPI published its frst ever global recording artists chart The global recording industry is passing through a new transition ... Digital Music Report 2015 | IFPI. Charles Caldas is CEO of Merlin, the global rights agency for the independent label sector, which commands in excess of 12% of the global digital recorded music market. Daily updated digital multimedia news, covering DVD, next generation optical storage formats, P2P, legal issues and much more. Yesterday the IFPI released its Global Music Report 2016 show the first real growth for the music industry in 20 years driven largely by explosive growth in streaming. April 25, 2017. "All About That Bass" (2014) "Lips Are Movin" (2014) All About That Bass" (2014) "Lips Are Movin" (2014) Music video; on YouTube " Source: Figures within the table are based on IFPI Grobal music report 2016. Revenue from recorded music continues to grow. For aggregate music sales, we use monthly data from 2004 to 2009. May 11, 2017. Funeral music. The global music community celebrates a return to revenue positive in 2015 with ... President & CEO of Music Canada. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry represents ... of the world music market for 2014. TZ IFPI Digital Music Report 2014. Most labels usually use those in any press reports IFPI Global Music Report 2017. Forty-five percent streaming growth edges recorded music revenue to $15.0 billion. This post might seem a little bit of a downer but it's a genre that holds my attention. Remove; In this conversation. ... IFPI launched its inaugural Global Recording Artist Chart in January 2014. IFPI Global Album / Digital Single / Artist Charts 2014. Music industry reports can be found in the media market and leisure industry sections. Revenue from recorded music continues to grow. Media & Entertainment 4/13/2016 @ 8:05AM 2,717 views For The First Time In 20 Years, The Global Music Industry Gained Ground in 2015 Global Music Report is the essential statistical analysis of the recorded music market worldwide. Global Music Report. May 11, 2017. IFPI Global Music Report 2017. Both Digital Music Report and Recording Industry in Numbers were replaced in 2016 by the Global ... please contact us at press-office@ifpi.org.